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Gluten Free Geeks

How many ways can you cook rice, honestly?

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For Celiacs and others with Gluten Sensitivity
This is an open community which means anyone can join. Some content will be avalable publicly, but some will be locked to community only. If you want to see everything, join us.

GF Geeks currently has two writers.

Username: Laiat
Called: L.
Diagnosed with celiac last year, L knew what was coming from caring for someone else with the disease. And He Was Very Displeased. L's favorite food groups are cookies, cookies, and cookies. He happens to be a Not Very Good cook, and jury rigs most of his dinners.
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Username: serenitynerd
Called: Serenity
Ser has a red feather boa bra, and also celiac. She has a weakness for chocolate, which is good, because it doesn't need gluten to taste good. Ser is a Good Baker, by all accounts, and knows a lot of good mix brands.
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